Don´t cry if you love me.

If you knew the gift of God
and what Heaven is.
If you could hear the angels singing
and see me among them...
If, only for an instant, you could contemplate,
just like me,
the Beauty before which all beauties turn pale.
Trust me.
When the day, which god has stated and knows, arrives
and your soul, which has been preceded by mine,
enters this Heaven,
That day you will see me again,
you will feel that I still love you,
that I have always loved you
and you will find my heart
with all its love purified.

You will see me in transfiguration,
in an ecstasy of happiness.
No longer waiting for death,
but walking with you
and holding your hand along new paths of light and life.

So, wipe your tears away
and don´t cry, if you love me...

Saint Augustin

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